Amen, but I am better because of my choices and mistakes. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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I apologize

For my ridiculous hiatus. I can’t get onto tumblr at my apartment, which sucks, and I’m not going to school for the summer so I don’t have a way to constantly connect. And there’s the issue that my computer died completely. Motherboard= perished. Hardrive= perished slightly before the previous. It’s gone. Which is so unfortunate! I cried over that computer, no joke. It was my first little notebook, and now I need to replace Philipe with a new one. Too bad this girl doesn’t have that kind of money. I wish being pretty was all it took to get a new computer. I might have a chance there….. anyway, love you all. Thanks for sticking around. I’ll try and update as often as possible.

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Different is NOT desired…

Why can’t the cookie-cutter mold for a pageant queen mold be broken? What is it about a girl that’s stick thin and blonde that screams, “I am queen material!” I may not be a size two, but I am by no means fat, and my hair may not be blonde, but it’s only hair. I presented myself better on stage, and nailed my question on stage, my talent was amazing (despite the one wrong note), and my evening gown was stunning. So here’s my question. Why can’t people be bold and break the mold?


dont mind me- just caving into peer pressure.

Also I need to see Korra with her hair down. SOMEONE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

And for those who are already tired of me blogging these two- please accept this complimentary Bolin.

i dont even feel bad

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Oh god Daryl… Ew.

I fricking love this show!!! And Daryl. He’s my favorite.

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the Yellow Wallpaper by Michael Manomivibul- illustration for IDW’s short story anthology In the Shadow of Poe.

This was one if the best, and most terrifying short stories I have ever read.

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This is my Mockingjay piece! I really like the color scheme on this one! What do you think?

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This one is my favorite! I ended up doing this one last because I couldn’t think of a design for Catching Fire until I had finished my Mockingjay piece. OH my land. This one was a lot harder than the others, taking me two hours from start to finish on Sunday, but it was well worth it. Everyone loves it, and even my roommate who hardly speaks to me told me last night that she thought they were really cool! Your thoughts?

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This project was so much fun! I loved doing this!! I posted these pictures on facebook and I’ve already got one person that wants to buy some! That made me ridiculously happy! This is made from melted crayons! I did one for each of the books. This one is for Hunger Games. Your thoughts?

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This is my evening gown for my pageant! My friend Hannah took this picture for me, and I love it, even if there is a weird light on my chest…. What do you think??

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So when I saw this picture two thoughts came to mind. One, Nina Dobrev is amazing and gorgeous, and the second was that this picture automatically reminded me of the cover of this book that I read a long while ago. Now, I know they aren’t exactly the same, please bear with me.

This book is a good one. I only read the first and the second. It ended at a point where I closed the book, and this was back in high school, so in the back of my digital media class (that I never did ANYTHING in and still got an A because I knew exactly what to say to make the teacher think I was an angel student) I slapped the book down, frightening my partner who was working on our project, and exclaimed, “They let this idiot continue the series? This was the worst ending I’ve yet to experience.”

Any opinions on this book series? Does it get better?

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Want this really bad right now. Not the Stefan/Elana moments from early on in the show… I want to roll around with someone like that. Like reeaaaaaallllly bad. I need some release for all this sexual tension building up inside me!

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Anonymous said: i was going through all your posts and saw the one about your sister. what makes you think she is prettier than you? cause honestly and correct me if i am wrong she seems like the type that would be easy

She is the type that comes across as such, but she isn’t one of those girls. At least I dont think she is. I don’t know. I’m not at home anymore. But yes, since she comes across as such she gets more attention than I do…

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